Gift boxes & baskets

Hello, I’m Tayler

I began to collect antiques when I first started my furniture flipping business “Flipping Vintage”. In 2017 I was a new mom/ stay at home mom and wanted to find a hobby that I could partake in and make some money on the side. Little did I know that It would start the beginning of a new journey. I was constantly on the hunt for cheap priced furniture to flip - when searching homes for that said furniture I would be looking through all the smaller old items that they had and became hooked. That’s how my obsession with finding old, unique items began. Furniture flipping became too much and took over my home - so I began to sell my small finds online.

Interior Design

Once falling in love with saving old things, I started to fill my house with all of these amazing treasures- another obsession occurred … interior design. People have always told me I was a creator/ saw things in a different way & they were right. I love finding that one item to fit in that one perfect spot. I share my home, DIYS & so much more on my instagram @flipping_vintage76